At Enact, our mission to help more people become homeowners motivates everything we do. Homeownership helps build wealth from generation to generation. It stabilizes and strengthens communities, and it is an integral part of the American dream. ESG is intertwined with our business objectives. Our financial success is based upon the success of our neighbors and the communities in which we work and live.

In 2022, we engaged a third-party consultancy to assess and rank our ESG priorities. As part of this robust process, we solicited the perspectives of our key internal and external stakeholders—including employees, Board members, customers, and shareholders. Based on this feedback and the deliberations of our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and members of our Board, we identified and ranked the ESG issues that are most important to our business and stakeholders.



Our Pillars

Guided by the results of our Materiality Assessment, we organized our ESG priorities into three “pillars” upon which our ESG strategy is based, focusing on the areas most germane to our business:


Strengthening Our Communities

Enact is deeply engaged with the communities we serve by enabling more families to achieve the dream of sustainable homeownership and create wealth, while also delivering on our commitment to employee volunteerism, philanthropy, and environmental responsibility.


Driving Diversity and Inclusion & Supporting Our People

Enact encourages and incorporates varied perspectives at every level of the organization in a supportive and inclusive environment to create innovative products and services that are responsive to the diverse needs of our customers and prospective homeowners.


A Focus on Responsible
Business Practices
& Sound Corporate

Enact focuses on underwriting excellence, prudent risk and capital management, data privacy and cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance—all overseen by a diverse, experienced, and majority independent Board.



Our ESG Report

This is Enact’s inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. It covers the period of our fiscal year from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. The report is guided by the Materiality Assessment, completed in Q4 of 2022. Our Materiality Assessment included a review of leading ESG frameworks and standards, the mortgage industry regulatory environment, and input from both internal and external stakeholders.

In preparing this report, we also conducted a review of our Environmental, Human Rights, and Health and Safety policies, as well as our Code of Ethics.





“Over the past five years, we’ve helped 1.2 million households achieve the dream of owning their own home.”


Rohit Gupta
President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director



ESG 2022 Highlights



of our workforce is female



of Board Committee Chairpersons are female


of our Board and Committee Chairpersons are independent


1.2 million

households have achieved the dream of homeownership over the past 5 years with Enact's help



homeowners were able to avoid foreclosure over the past 5 years with Enact's help


DE&I Residential Leadership Award

presented by the Mortgage Bankers Association of Americain the Category of Organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion